Homo QB wins Super Bowl!

Walt Loves the BearcatFor 21 years, Marcus Coleman has fantasized about a lifelong romance with a handsome college quarterback he once saw in a photograph.

Thanks to the Internet, Marcus discovers the former quarterback’s whereabouts.

Thanks to a shot of tequila, Marcus dials the former quarterback’s number.

Thanks to a curious twist of fate, the former quarterback answers the phone with: “Marcus, when you coming home?”

How big a deal can one pissant little photo turn out to be?

Big enough to take you on a fantastical journey featuring the first superstar athlete to come out while in the prime of his pro career. From the Sugar Bowl to the Super Bowl, a story of love, football and some very potent daydreams.

Your ticket is your imagination!

Walt Loves the Bearcat
by Randy Boyd
A Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Best Romance