Guess who’s coming to Halloween

Just when you thought the AIDS crisis was over, along comes a whole new generation of disease-free trick or treaters looking for love and sex in all the wrong ways.

They’re horny, they’re ignorant about safer sex and they’re fucking their brains out, bareback-style–all while demonizing that which they know nothing about: HIV/AIDS. It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s a horrifying nightmare. It’s a repeat of the 1980s.

But have no fear, the AIDS Monster is here. See how this “creature of the fright” views the AIDS epidemic, then and now, in Interview with the AIDS Monster. Relive those worst dreams come true in the classic AIDS monster movies of yesteryear. Face your fear of HIV. See newly-discovered AIDS monster movie posters!

It’s all part of the fun, and fear, of the AIDS Monster Movie Marathon, a Halloween tradition now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.