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HIV-P.O.V.HIV-P.O.V. – Life from the point of view of a longtime survivor of HIV/AIDS.

Trikke storiesTrikke Stories – Randy Boyd writes about one of his favorite passions, Trikkes.

The Obama FilesThe Obama Files – Reflections on the first black president of the United States, as seen through the eyes of a black American born five months after President Barack Obama.

When in Doubt, Pet the DogWhen in Doubt, Pet the Dog – A memoir, column or journal thingy about life with my dog, a golden mutt named Boomer.

Jockin': Homos in SportsJockin’: Homos in Sports – Former Outsports.com contributor Randy Boyd goes to bat for homos.

Race RelatingRace Relating – Black man bearing witness to the great racial divide in America, circa his lifetime.

Cheer UpCheer Up – My life as a black, male, college cheerleader for both the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins in the 1980s.

Sapien HomoSapien Homo – The thinker must always think. I am a thinker. Here are some of the things I think … about life, love, religion, science and more.

Randy ReprintedRandy Reprinted – The previously published works of Randy Boyd, including essays, short stories and other articles.

Homo PoliticoHomo Politico – Because being black in America is a political act, in and of itself.

AIDS Monster Movie MarathonAIDS Monster Movie Marathon – A multi-part story about the AIDS horror movies that were once all the rage (in people’s minds). Featuring an interview with the original AIDS Monster.

Guest WhoGuest Who – The characters from Randy Boyd’s novels guest-blogging for the author and speaking for themselves.