Walt Loves the Bearcat

A lifelong romance between a black male cheerleader and a white quarterback changes sports history when the quarterback comes out. And that’s only half the story!

Walt is a quarterback whose football career goes unnoticed until he wins the Super Bowl and becomes an overnight sensation. An old college photo of him embracing a bear mascot sparks a public obsession. The world assumes the person in the bear suit is a girl, so the world is happy because Walt loves the Bearcat.

When the truth comes out that the person in the bear suit is Walt’s lover — a black male cheerleader — life, football and the universe as we know it will never be the same, all because Walt loves the Bearcat.

And that’s only half the story!

The other half: what if Walt and the Bearcat never met?

What if the Bearcat, aka, Marcus, aka, the black male cheerleader, dreamed up their dreamy romance as a way of coping with HIV/AIDS in the 1980s?

An epic, adventure-filled odyssey where serious issues like homophobia, racism and AIDS exist right alongside fantastical characters like Hail Larry, Evil Announcer Guy and the Emergency Wife. Big fun!

Walt Loves the Bearcat
by Randy Boyd

A Lamdba Literary Award Finalist for Best Romance

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Reviews for “Walt Loves the Bearcat”

“A madcap whirl, Walt Loves the Bearcat is first and forever a love story, one written with a roller-coaster brio and a magical intensity that demand and deserve the reader’s perseverance.”
SF Bay Times (full review)

“Warm-spirited … resonates with soulful queries into the nature of love and life.” Bay Area Reporter (full review)