Video flashback: record-breaking Trikke ride in Long Beach, California

Saturday, May 28, 2011, was a day to remember for the forty-five Trikke riders who came together for the Last Saturday of the Month Ride in Long Beach and set a new attendance record for a group Trikke ride in Southern California.

The morning began with a Warm Up to the Carve Up, where riders honed their riding skills in a workshop run by Fred Welch, director of the Trikke Academy.

Next it was a 13-mile round-trip adventure along the scenic coast, the Pacific on one side, the urban beach town on the other.

Many who attended were participating in their first-ever group Trikke experience. Some drove more than a hour from elsewhere in Southern Cal just to ride with other Trikke riders.

Attendance was double that of the two previous major Trikke events in Long Beach.

So Cal Trikke riders
The May 2011 LSM Trikke Ride was a seminal moment for the So Cal Trikke scene.

Originally published in 2011 on TrikkeWorld Magazine