A very special Christmas Trikke Ride

Originally published on Facebook.

Trikke riders getting in the spirit at the annual Christmas ride.

Oh, what fun it was, our Christmas carving caravan.

So many friends who share a passion for the Trikke‬, meeting up in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles, hanging out at Angel City Brewery for the annual Christmas Ride, the social event of the season for the ‎So Cal Carvers‬ Trikke crew. 

A total of 21 people gathered, 19 of whom carved it up from the popular brewery to Staples Center and LA Live!, where a Star Wars exhibit was all abuzz, upstaging any chance of dazzling people with a mass carving centerstage. Literally, as Darth Vadar and company occupied the cordoned-off street that would have been our stage.

Still, that didn’t stop people in downtown LA’s version of Times Square — or along the entire route — from enjoying the sight of so many people on so many well-lit and festively decorated Trikkes.

Ditto for the many people hustling and bustling about downtown LA on a Saturday night. Be they families attending an ice show at Staples Center, young millennials pub crawling in Santa suits, restaurant patrons in trendy little Tokyo, or homeless souls in the Broadway district, our group brought a smile to many a countenance.

Based on people’s reactions — the pointing and turning of heads, the shoppers rushing out of stores to see the parade of carvers going by — it’s safe to say, 19 Trikkes blinking and carving through the streets of downtown LA was a sight everyone had to see and no one wanted to miss.

Much like the Santa clad pub crawlers, the merriment of the celebratory So Cal Carvers was like an extra layer of wonderment to the magical season. You could hear it in people’s cheers and comments, and the excited way they raised their cell phones to capture us.

That’s right. They were capturing us, just like they were capturing the other memorable sights and sounds of downtown LA during the holiday season.

Talk about lifting spirits!

Oh, what fun it was, to be part of something so special.