Obama’s auto industry bailout drives super sales

The US auto industry had its best year ever in 2015 — proof that the Obama auto industry bailout is just one more way the first black president has Jackie Robinson’ed this bitch.

Before Barack Obama took office, the auto industry crashed. According to the American Prospect: “At stake were not only the jobs of all of GM and Chrysler’s employees, but the jobs of people who worked for hundreds of suppliers, from stereo manufacturers to steel and rubber producers. Estimates of the potential job losses topped one million.” 

Detroit’s pistons were on the verge of becoming endangered species, as were Detroit engines, Detroit wheels, Detroit auto parts, Detroit autos, which is to say, American cars.

Imagine an America where American cars are not a thing, and you have to imagine a time when people were still leery of “this new thing called electricity.”

To his credit, George W. Bush began the Detroit bailout, and to his credit, President Obama followed through.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said let them eat cake and go bankrupt. President Obama said, yes we can, even while the Republicans were saying, oh, no he didn’t.

The Obama auto industry bailout saved jobs and the day

Now, one of the greatest, most industrious, most diverse industries of this country remains alive and just had its best year ever.

By just about every metric, the first black president has done exactly what the first black anything in this country has had to do, over overachieve, be twice, sometimes thrice, as good as everybody else.

So we come to the last months of the Obama years in America, and by nearly every metric that measures the state of our union — the economy, the unemployment rate, the number of people insured, economic growth, inflation, recession, depression — Obama’s numbers have been off the charts while his successes are rarely recognized.

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