Trikking with Trikke Europe


Do what you love and fulfillment will follow, so says what amounts to an urban legend, allegedly spoken by the wisest among us. Lately I’m starting to think: they might be onto something.

I love trikking and a whole lotta fulfillment has followed.

First, the joyride of the 21st century whipped my body into the best shape of my life (as I approach age 50!).

Then joy came from being part of the group rides on the So Cal Trikke Circuit, where I’m able to meet and commune with my fellow Trikke nuts.

Next came the joy of creation with my good friend Jeri Thompson. For Jeri and I, it was love at first Trikke, er, sight.

I fell in love with the three-wheel wonder upon seeing an infomercial. Jeri fell in love with the three-wheel wonder upon seeing my first Trikke.

Our first creation was Long Beach Trikkers, the local club responsible for the Labor Day Ride of Long Beach and the MLK, Jr. Trikke Ride, co-sponsored by SouthBay Trikke, the local dealer we rely on like a good mechanic.

Then we gave birth to TrikkeWorld Magazine, to chronicle the carving revolution we love being part of. True to urban legend form, more fulfillment has followed.

This past winter, I took my first joyride on the Trikke Skki, where I got to meet Trikke inventor Gildo Beleski. Talk about reaching new heights.

The joy of trikking is a gift that keeps on giving. Recently, I got the chance to meet three of the carving gurus behind Trikke Europe, who were in Southern California for a pow-wow with the boys from Buellton, aka John Simpson, CEO of Trikke Tech, and the aforementioned Gildo.

After a weekend of highly productive moving and shaking, the European Trikke trio, Joris, Pieter and Felix, headed for LAX, but not before a little lunch and trikking in the adjacent South Bay with Fred Welch, director of the Trikke Academy, and Andy Pliska, president of South Bay Trikke. Oh, and I got to tag along, seeing as how I was already in Trikke journalist mode, having just covered Mr. Bicep pumping up Trikke on the KTLA Morning Show for the magazine.

It’s a pleasure meeting anyone who shares my passion for the Trikke, but hanging with trikkers from other parts of the planet is especially insightful.

There’s something unique about us Trikke nuts, even if we’re from different continents. We speak a language that’s only a decade old and still evolving, still defining itself, but we’re merely discovering new ways of articulating a rhythm we’ve always known, always hungered for, sometimes without knowing it.

We love trikking because it speaks to us, it speaks for us, it represents our brains capacity to move in dreamy ways.

Thanks to Joris, Pieter and Felix for another great moment in my trikking journey. Meeting trikkers from all over the world reinforces the belief that our growing global community is real and a dream coming true.