Triple Trikke triumph

Photo by Douglass Weymouth
Photo by Douglass Weymouth

It’s official: three different Trikke events in three different locales have made these past three weeks the most amazing three weeks in the history of trikking in Southern California.

Saturday, May 28: Forty-five trikkers carve up the scenic coast of Long Beach at the Last Saturday of the Month Ride, setting a new attendance record for a group ride in Southern Cal.

Sunday, June 5: Twenty trikkers carve up 26 miles of mountainous trail at the 5th annual Aliso Creek Endurance Ride, setting a new attendance record for a group ride in Orange County.

Saturday, June 11: Twenty-one trikkers carve up the beach trails and backroads of Ventura County at the 3rd annual Trikkenut 100K, an event that drew trikkers from as far away as the Bay Area.

Three events staged by three different groups in three different counties, each of them fledgling hotbeds of trikking in Southern California. Fortunately, I was there for all three events and had the most amazing time at each and every one, each ride surpassing the one before it in terms of superlatives. Total miles trikked: circa 100.

Two years ago, I saw an infomercial that changed my life. I didn’t just buy a Trikke. I bought a whole new way of life! The best part of all: it’s only getting better.