Rule no. 26

Randy Boyd

Attention, fans of Randy Boyd’s novels, all five or six of you, lol:

My fifth novel is still a work-in-progress, but rest assured, I intend to continue the saga of two boys dreaming in a sandbox, as first dreamt in my fourth novel, Walt Loves the Bearcat, a story of love, football and some very potent daydreams, as well as a Lambda Literary Finalist for Best Romance.

A story I dreamt up nearly 30 years ago while in college, Walt Loves the Bearcat is a 700-page epic that pretty much represents Randy @ 21-42, give or take.

It’s also a dream that spawned another dream: my next novel, The Bearcat Boyz on the Road of Life.

Who are the Bearcat Boyz? What are they all about? Find out in the latter third of Walt Loves the Bearcat.

What happens to the Bearcat Boyz in their own four-book series? Find out when I finish the blessed thing. What happens at the end of Road of Life, aka Book One? As a gift to my patient readers, all five or six of you, I now present: a slice of the next dream I’m dreaming.

In Book One, the Bearcat Boyz learn the rules on the Road of Life. There’s 26 of them, just like the number of letters in the alphabet; and although all 26 rules are very important, the last rule, Rule No. 26, is perhaps the most important, that is, if you want your deepest dreams to come true.

Why, Rule No. 26 is so good, if by chance you happened to forget the other 25 rules, you still have a shot at all your dreams coming true, if and only if, you remember and abide by Rule No. 26.

It takes the Bearcat Boyz seemingly a lifetime to learn Rule No. 26. After all, they are teenagers, and if they learned all the rules right away, I’d have no story to tell. However, since the five or six fans of my books have been waiting so long, I hereby present Rule No. 26 on the Road of Life:

The more you’re at your best, the greater your odds of success.

Thank you for your patience.

Randy Boyd