Thankful for my teeth

Randy Boyd

I’ve been told by two different dentists that I have good teeth, genetically speaking. That’s quite a blessing, especially since I’ve rarely seen a dentist in the last 15-20 years. Like many longtime survivors of AIDS, preventative dental care took a backseat to trying to save my life.

Now, in my twenty-fourth year living with the virus, I’ve made a re-commitment to my teeth. Not only will I continue to be a diligent brusher, I will also be a diligent flosser and get regular check-ups and cleanings.

Recently, I had my first x-rays in years. Some deep cleaning ahead and one minor filling, but that’s it. Nothing major needed. I love my teeth. For giving me my smile. For holding up so well, even in neglect. And for reminding me of the amazing gifts my ancestors gave me.

May I use them to the best of my ability.