AIDS and common sense

Randy Boyd

What the world needs now is a new and healthy perspective on HIV/AIDS.

Most people appear clueless when it comes to preventing themselves from acquiring HIV. All they know is, AIDS = bad, so stay away from the AIDS Monster, including anyone who might have HIV.

Online personal ads reveal the truth: People who are HIV-negative consider themselves “clean” and “disease-free” and they seek others who are also “clean” and “disease-free.” Many men now post their HIV-negative status along with their test date. HIV-negative as of 11/09. UB2.

Conversely, ads by people who are HIV-positive are often couched in wording that feels like an asterisk, an apology or self-defense. Thing is, I’m HIV-positive. If you can handle that, get in touch.

Now presenting the modern-day, 21st-century reality:

A person who is HIV-negative can have a lifetime of great sexual relationships with persons who are HIV-positive without acquiring HIV.

A person who is HIV-positive can have a lifetime of great sexual relationships with persons who are HIV-negative without transmitting the virus.

Ryan White AIDS

If you are educated, compassionate, open minded and open-hearted, there is no need to classify yourself as “clean” and “disease-free.” Only the ignorant, fearful and cold-hearted need use such words.

If you are not educated about HIV, google it, and consider what reputable health sites like the CDC have to say. And remember, calling yourself “clean” and avoiding others who are not “disease-free” in no way keeps you safe. Doing that is simply not taking full responsibility for your own health. Only safe sex with everyone, regardless of their HIV status, keeps you safe.

To get with me, a guy must be smart about HIV.

Regardless of his status, he’s gotta understand that I’m a good man with or without HIV. Regardless of his status, he must be educated enough about HIV to know he can be intimate with a fun, sexy, poz stud like me and not acquire the virus. Regardless of his status, it’s that knowledge that makes him sexy to me. Regardless of his status, it what’s makes him worthy of being in my life.