What makes an athlete straight or gay?

What makes us assume a man hasn’t had sex with other men in his lifetime?

Because he says so? Because he’s a good husband? A great father? A right-wing politician. A rugged action hero? A man with the title of minister, priest, pope? A womanizer? A ladies man? A man who hates fags? A soldier? A great athlete?

We all know better by now, right?

We all know that any man can say one thing, but that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story, right?

Never cheated on my wife. Never taken steroids. Never been homosexual. Never done this, never done that, never done what you don’t want me to do. I’m a man of my word, take my word for it!

We all know better by now, right?

And we can add pro athletes to the list of men who are capable of fucking around with other men, right?

This isn’t about naming names, coming out or values. This is about a 21st century reality shift, based on everything we saw men do in the last century. Men lie. Men get horny. Men surprise themselves.

Jockin' with Randy Boyd

So what makes a man a fag? A whole lifetime of sucking cock? A queeny disposition? A lover? A rumor? A gay bumper sticker?

Many, if not most men, in their lifetime, have had some kind of s-e-x-u-a-l relations with another man, no matter what they call themselves and what they claim to be. They’ve been there. Men lie. Men get horny. Men surprise themselves.

And since we know this, can we all just get along, and lighten up on the men who choose to call themselves gay and admit to sucking cock full-time? After all, without them, how would the men who call themselves straight get a decent blow job?