Why Randy Boyd blogs with Randy Boyd’s Blocks

Randy Boyd, 2007

Randy Boyd’s Blocks is a digital collection of how I play with my blocks, e.g. the letters that make up the words that articulate my soul’s dream. Been a professional writer all my adult life. Been living with HIV/AIDS more than half my life. Been a sportsman and lover of men since I can remember.

But where does a boy like me fit in? Where does a man like me find a friendly space in today’s world? In the black world, where homos are unwelcome and interracial dating even more unwelcome? The gay world, where a large percentage of gay men, regardless of their race, won’t date black men, and where the emphasis is on guys who are “clean and disease-free”? The sports world, which shows little acceptance of homos of any kind, let alone homos with AIDS?

So far, the only welcoming worlds I’ve found are the worlds I’ve created in my dreams and my writing—my way of staying alive and being alive.

My novels have been nominated for a total of five Lambda Literary Awards and are available wherever books are sold. They’re like my kids. I’m happy with the way they turned out.

Randy Boyd’s Blocks will feature excerpts and other writings, past, present and future. Welcome to a slice of my space in space. Let the fun begin!