The “out” pro athlete dream

“The [out pro athlete dream] is too big to stuff back into the black hole known as humanity’s collective mind. Nothings gonna stop the deepest of true gold sports dreamers now, just ask [the pioneers] before them: Robinson, Thorpe, and Didrikson.” —from Walt Loves the Bearcat

The newest generation of voting-age Americans are the first Americans to be introduced to homosexuality through modern wonders such as the Internet, Ellen DeGeneres, Will and Grace, openly gay kids, openly bisexual kids, openly experimental kids, kids of the same sex kissing on MTV, and the countless queer eyes on television who turn wardrobes and living spaces into fabulous expressions.

Not-so-coincidentally, the newest generation of voting-age Americans are the first to see same-sex marriage as “no big deal,” as shown in poll after poll.

Can openly gay professional jocks be far behind? Not if one believes in the dreams of my fourth novel, Walt Loves the Bearcat, which features the first superstar athlete to “come out” while still in the prime of his football career. The ride for the quarterback and his cheerleader boyfriend is chaotic and bumpy (watch out for Evil Announcer Guy!), but our two heroes remain steadfast in their quest: the right to be happy and in love, just like every other pro jock in the sports world. It’s a dream whose time is coming. Just ask the young Americans inheriting our country.