American all or All-American?

Dear America: What does it mean to be all-American? Why is it that, for the first 232 years of the country’s existence, America’s citizens have used phrases like “all-American” and “Boy (or Girl) Next Door” to refer to a wholesome, beautiful white person who is, dare one say, a wholesome beautiful representation of “that new world united by states in America?”

We’re not talking about honors in sports or academics, or the nationality of one’s parentals. This is about those of us who are born, live and most likely, will die in the USA, regardless of all else. Are some of us more American than others? If a beautiful white person is all-American, what does that make this American and the rest of us citizens who aren’t beautiful white people (besides not all-American)?

Makes this American wanna change all Americans perspective concerning all-Americans, starting now.

Randy Boyd, all-American author