Reviews for “The Devil Inside”

The Devil Inside

What if you had to figure out if your next date is the perfect catch or pure evil?

Kordell is a respected businessman. Mario is a childhood friend who reappears out of the blue.

 The two get along great, but Mario’s memory is a little hazy, his behavior a little strange, and his dark secrets linked to a bizarre world that could become the gay community’s worst nightmare (if you haven’t read it, don’t ask. If you have read it, don’t tell).

Is Mario a dream lover or date from hell? Should Kordell risk his business, his friends and his life to unravel the mystery? They both have 72 hours to figure out who has the Devil Inside.

The Devil Inside by Randy Boyd

A Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Best Science-Fiction

A Gaylactic Spectrum Awards nominee for Best Science Fiction Novel

Critical praise for Randy Boyd’s The Devil Inside

“A wild ride into the thicket of political issues and psychological thrills. Boyd juggles his over-the-top plot with energy, glee, and ease. A highly satisfying roller-coaster-read of a book.” Q Syndicate Book Marks

The Devil Inside

“Boyd carves out his characters like a sculptor. An excellent mystery from a terrific writer.”

“A taut thriller, loaded with fantastic twists, turns, and a cast of characters you won’t soon forget. A page turner that will keep you guessing right to the end.” The Texas Triangle

“A riveting, Hollywood-style thriller. The most refreshing part? For a change, the two heroes aren’t white. Kordell is an African-American with AIDS, and Mario is, of course, Latino. A third major character is Japanese. Quite a nifty twist to your routine gay male adventure novel, making this a must summer read.” The Letter (Louisville, KY)

“A psychotic little pulp novel about Kordell Christie, a square gay businessman who becomes part of a mystery that involves mind control, a bad man named Pizarro, and a place called the Facility where there are drug-enhanced masturbation machines.” Unzipped Magazine