Boomer’s got skills

Boomer in the blur.

Boomer’s got skills. Even though he’s a canine, his quickness reminds me of a panther, his cuts and turns reminiscent of the moves only the greatest of athletes can emulate. He’s showing off some of them tonight, running circles around me on the beach, daring me to try and catch him. It’s one of the ways we dogercise. I give chase. See Boomer run like a great running back dancing his way around the field in his sleep. Me, my dog and a moonlit beach. It’s a dream come true for a man who once wondered if he would live long enough to ever own a dog.

The best part: Boomer and I have been dogercising like this for ten years and counting, and even though Daddy’s Special Little Buddy is now a senior dog, he can still run circles around me. Maybe he can’t do it every night, but my Fat Dawg is still thriving, just like me.

Note 2 Self: Get started pronto on When In Doubt, Pet the Dog, the weekly memoir or column or blog feature or periodic journal thingy about my life with Boomer. Now is the time to remember.

Randy Boyd, Boomer