Kiss me, I have AIDS

Randy Boyd, sexy poz

Is it possible to be HIV-positive and sexy? You bet. People living with HIV/AIDS can be just as sexy and sexual as people living without HIV/AIDS. Why, poz people can have great sex with neg people (and other poz people) and if they’re having safer sex, no virus need be transmitted from one person to another.

So why do so many online ads feature HIV-negative gay men warning the world: disease-free only?

Do gay men understand what is and isn’t safer sex? Are the fears real or based on ignorance? And what about HIV-negative gay men who have unsafe sex with other HIV-negative men? Is that the best way to prevent one from acquiring AIDS and other STDs? Absolutely not.

The best way to avoid getting HIV/AIDS is to practice safer sex with everyone, regardless of their HIV status. And the best way to look at people who are living with AIDS is to think of them as human beings, capable of being sexy and sexual without infecting those who are living without AIDS. What a miracle!

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