Poll dancing with Blacks and gays

From marriage rights to adoption rights, Gay America tanked at the polls in the 2008 Election. The Old World won. The New World lost. America is still a proud and active member of the Flat Earth Society, founded by the kind of thinking that says bad weather is god’s wrath.

Why did homos lose? Because black people, the Old World’s staunchest supporters, turned out in record numbers to vote for a black president.

Yep, that’s right, civil rights for gays was voted down by the descendants of America’s slaves.

That’s because a vast majority of the descendants of America’s slaves are still living in a segregated society, where modern-day thinking trickles down almost as ineffectively and inefficiently as modern-day economic wealth.

Institutionalized racism has migrated online.

How in the world can blacks become worldly if the world separates and segregates them? If a ghetto child doesn’t get the opportunity to attend college, learn history, develop critical thinking, travel the world and so on, what on earth would make that ghetto child go against the teachings of his church, his neighborhood, his environment?

Some people think affirmative action is unnecessary because nowadays, everybody has a fair shot in life and nobody needs a head start. The day after Emancipation Day, the day Lincoln freed the slaves, there was nothing. Just freedom. No money. No map. No bailout. No welfare. No housing assistance. No reparations. No social security. No disability insurance. No school lunch. No worker’s comp. No Section 8 housing. No health care for the bloody, infected whiplashes on your back, given to you earlier that morning because Massa knew this freedom thing might be a-coming and wanted to get in one last session of Beat My Nigger before his gentile Southern lifestyle was gone with the wind.

You’re free to go. Now git!

The day after Emancipation Day, there was nothing. Just freedom. And a lot of angry white men with the right to bare arms. Life is not about a head start. Life is about being something better than a slave, like our grandparents’ grandparents.

The struggle is over for no one. Not niggers or faggots.

How might black Americans view religion and homosexuality had blacks been given an equal opportunity to integrate themselves into mainstream American society, like say, the poor, niggardly Jewish, Italian and Irish immigrants to America?

racism cost

In the coverage of the same-sex marriage debate, not one mention was made of the German-American vote on gay marriage. Not one word about the opinions of the newest American immigrants from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. In fact, tracking polls showed that while most races were roughly evenly split on the marriage debate (half of any race for gay marriage, half of any race against gay marriage), 76% of blacks voted against gay marriage and adoption rights.

Why? To spite gays? Of course not.

Cultural ideas are like modern conveniences or consumer electronics. The early adapters are the very rich. The rich are the first to try most things, then the middle class, then poor folk, all copying the wealthiest among us. (Every dog owner in America is essentially mimicking the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in the latter part of the Victorian 1800s.) But the evolution of black folk in America has been retarded by racism, and thus most blacks have yet to adapt to this whacky notion that life isn’t controlled by a vengeful, homo-hating god.

For the historic 2008 election, the retardation of blacks resulted in the retardation of gay rights. The irony might seem cruel and arbitrary, but there’s more to the story. The shocking twist is this: gays, another oppressed minority, are also retarded in their development. Gays are less evolved and more racist than their non-gay counterparts. Gay America possesses a mentality befitting of the ignorant racist ways of the Old South.

Institutionalized racism has migrated online.

Anyone in the world can surf the web and find gay men of all ages and races using the exact same slogans and rhetoric used to segregate blacks in the Old South. Online, the racist minds of countless gay men are transparent and blatant. Gay men’s warnings that they prefer WHITES and LATINS ONLY have the same intent as the fire hoses of the 1960s, the ones that tried to keep blacks at bay and extinguish their dreams of a seat at the American table.

Not in my bedroom, oh, no you don’t. Oh, and by the way, no offense, it’s just a preference.

Makes one wonder if racist gay men are aware of the fact that they’re using the exact same words and logic of those who tried to keep blacks from sitting at the same lunch counters, going to the same schools, drinking from the same water fountains, marrying their daughters.

How might black Americans view homosexuality today had blacks not been segregated from society by white people declaring WHITES ONLY

How might black Americans view homosexuality tomorrow if blacks are no longer segregated from society by gay people declaring WHITES and LATINS ONLY?

Everyone pays a price for racism and exclusion. What price are you paying today? How much is your racism costing you?