Life after “Bridge Across the Ocean”

Randy Boyd, beach

Two months after testing positive for HIV/AIDS in 1988, I took off for the warm, sandy beaches of Cancun, Mexico, for some much needed R&R. While there, I met two straight white teenage brothers who were on vacation with their single mom.

What happened in Cancun changed all our lives forever and served as the inspiration for my second novel, Bridge Across the Ocean, a Lambda Literary Finalist.

Bridge Across the Ocean is the best selling Randy Boyd novel to date and has generated the most fan mail. Many men have written to me, telling me how much they bonded with the characters while enjoying their youthful adventures. Many have shared their own stories of adolescent longing and friendships with “boys you can never hold onto.”

As an author, knowing my novel has touched so many hearts is one of life’s biggest rewards. Equally satisfying is the fact that I’ve crossed enough bridges in my own life, from childhood to manhood, to better reflect on that uniquely special summer two decades ago.

Take the journey with me in a four-part retrospective about the once in a lifetime experience that became a novel that became a Lambda Literary Finalist. Bridge Across the Ocean @ 20, now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.

Part 1
Bridge Across the Ocean @ 20
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