America’s Next Top Dog Model

Boomer best shot

Great looks, great body, great talents, great personality. This dog’s got it all. Can you say, Boom Baby?!!

Boomer’s one great dog model on set, especially if the photographer remembers: treats! This golden mutt is very cooperative, polite and normally quite patient (helps to burn off juuuuuust a little energy before the shoot).

Boomer Boyd, aka Phat Dog, is a much better model with less instruction by his instructors and less handling by his handlers. Call to set this former shelter dog (with treats!), engage him, stroke him in the right places (belly, back, under the chin), smile at him and take the picture!

Of course, life and photo shoots don’t always work out as dreamed. Thankfully, Boomer’s had 11 years of dealing with an impatient, manhandling, insistent, sometimes cranky photographer (who often forgets the treats!), which translates to 77 human years as a professional supermodel, or something like that.

Then there are those accidental moments when the golden one is merely being his adorable self, wandering his way through his world, passing by while the photographer sits on the can, fussing with the camera. The dog model sniffs the lens just as the camera does its magic.

Boomer backs away and disappears. The photo (top) reveals a contemplative dog in extreme close up, a fellow mammal who almost seems … human.

The photographer smiles and imagines the supermodel dog thinking something, like, let’s see what you can do with this beauty shot.

Boomer Dino Boyd, you are America’s Next Top Dog Model.

Note 2 Self: Post more photos of my supermodel dog in this installment of When In Doubt, Pet the Dog, a periodic memoir or blog feature or journal thingy.