The Trikke: Joyride of the 21st Century


Gotta get a bike. Gotta get a bike. Gotta get a bike. Gotta exercise more. Gotta get fit, stay fit, lose the gut, build muscle mass, strive to be healthier, better, stronger, fitter, especially now that my 50s are around the corner. But how? Gotta get a bike, gotta get a bike, gotta get a bike.

For months, “Gotta Get a Bike” was at the top of the charts on the soundtrack in the back of my brain, you know, the same brain that tries to manage eating right, exercising right, living well, oh, and the rest of life.

Buying a bicycle seemed like the only way to get more exercise and take advantage of my love of the great outdoors. It also seemed like a good alternative to running, which is not my thing, or joining another gym, which is not my thing anymore (after years of gym memberships).

I was already walking and using resistance bands, but the fat around my gut (and my doctor and dietitian) were telling me that wasn’t enough. I needed to kick the exercise routine into a higher gear, crank up the cardio, get the heart-rate going, get those endorphins rushing.

Gotta get a bike. Gotta get a bike. Gotta get a bike.

But I never got a bike, never got around to it, never went beyond pricing a few. Then I saw the Trikke. Life changed. One lone commercial and I fell in love. One single viewing and I was hooked. I ordered my Trikke ASAP. To date, I’ve never seen another commercial ad for this magnificent flying machine. It was love at first sight.

Freedom like you’ve never experienced.

What is a Trikke? A Trikke is a human powered vehicle slash bike slash scooter slash roller-skateboard slash coolest invention since humans invented the wheel. The Trikke has three of them, wheels, that is, and the Trikke is three million times more fun than a bike, the cool invention of the 19th century.

With the Trikke, your arms, your legs, your entire body, or any combination thereof–all join the fun as you “ski” your way down the road. The geniuses at Trikke call this kind of carving “rocking and rolling.” I call it a never-ending joyride.

Each Trikke ride is different in the way each time you dance is different. You set the pace, the rhythm, the speed, the intensity. The Trikke gives you freedom like you’ve never experienced.

Simple and elegant, the Trikke is lightweight and portable. It folds and unfolds with ease and takes up very little space, less than that of a bike.

The Trikke puts the ordinary bike to shame in the fun department. A few days after learning how to ride my new toy, I kept asking myself questions, like, when’s the last time I broke a sweat riding a bike? When’s the last time I smiled riding a bike? When’s the last time I had this much fun riding a bike?

Remember those days when, as a kid, you were content to merely go outside and play? The Trikke makes me feel like that kid again, a kid who loves going outside and riding his bike, er, Trikke, just for the fun of it. Best of all, when I ride my Trikke, I become a kid who doesn’t want to stop playing, er, exercising. An hour workout turns into: ah, just twenty more minutes, then I’ll go home and be a responsible adult again.

When’s the last time anything, let alone a bike, made you feel that young?

The Trikke is a wonder drug. It’s helping to reduce my blood pressure, body fat and stress level, all while increasing my muscle tone, self esteem and zest for life. Never have I felt more athletic, agile and passionate about exercising (just for fun). Can extreme sport trikking be far behind for me? lol

One does have to learn how to ride the Trikke (just as one must learn to ride a bike), but it’s quite simple, and in my humble opinion, safer. With the help of the instructional DVD, in just a few short days, my brain went from “what in the world?” to “now I get it!”

Now riding a Trikke is as easy as riding a bike, only way more fun.

As recommend by the manufacturers, I purchased the “beginners” model with its front air tire and two rear polyurethane wheels. “Gives you the option of converting to rear air tires in the future,” noted the folks at Trikke. Boy, were they right.

South Bay Trikke pimped my ride, and now I’m loving it even more! The poly wheels were good for training, but air tires took my Trikke from a dream machine to an even dreamier machine. Cue the old R&B hit “I Believe I Can Fly.”

South Bay Trikke proved to be the best way to upgrade my wheels. Located in Torrance, CA, these guys are passionate about Trikkes the way you want your mechanic to be passionate about the kind of car you drive.

Like the best mechanics, Andy, an avid Trikker himself, put my Trikke through a series of tests to troubleshoot a problem I was having, then found the problem and fixed it. Then he tricked out my Trikke with new rear air tires. I left South Bay Trikke even more in love with my new ride.

Thanks, Andy for the great service. I now recommend you guys to everyone who approaches me, curious about my “cool scooter.” I tell them about your demos, rides, lessons and all the different Trikke models at Southern California’s local hub for all things Trikke. You guys rock! And roll!

I believe in Trikke. It’s great fun for everybody, old and young.

If I were looking for a job, I’d work for Trikke and be passionate about it. Trikkes should replace those little scooters so popular with children. Their little bodies will thank them for years to come. Trikkes should replace bikes globally. The world would be a much happier, healthier place.

Trikke on, America!

  • Photography by Jeri Thompson