How to love someone with AIDS

Randy Boyd hugs

When I tell someone I’m living with HIV/AIDS, more often than not, that someone immediately dismisses me as a potential lover, boyfriend, sex partner or friend with benefits.

I’m sorry, some tell me, as if I’m already dead.

I am here to tell the world: you can love me! You can really, really love me! You can touch me, kiss me, lick me, tickle me, hug me, poke me, play with me, even have sex with me, and not become infected with HIV.

It’s called safe sex. It’s the thing that prevents all people from acquiring all kinds of diseases. If you have safe sex with your sex partners, presto! … no HIV!

Catch up, America! Science has a better grip on AIDS than cancer.

Only ignorance, fear and prejudice prevents you from loving people with HIV/AIDS. It’s not gonna rub off. It’s not gonna leap outta my blood cells and into your blood cells. It’s not gonna infect your mind, either, although, judging by the way most people treat me, perhaps your mind is already infected.

To those minds not infected with ignorance, fear and prejudice: imagine all the wonderful things you can do with anyone living with HIV/AIDS, male or female. From massage to masturbation to so much more, you too can be intimate with someone living with HIV/AIDS.


The age of AIDS = sickness, dying and what-the-fuck-is-this?! is over. The AIDS Panic is over. Catch up, America! Science has a better grip on AIDS than cancer. The poz people are alive and well and among you. You can love us (safely) just as you can love whomever you’re loving tonight (safely).

There is no longer a need to discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS when it comes to choosing one’s partners for intimacy. Perhaps that need existed during the AIDS Panic (1981-1996), but no more. That great scientific discovery, safe sex, now allows Americans to their rocks off and not get HIV!

So how exactly do you get said rocks off and not acquire HIV? First step: find out How to Stay HIV-Negative in an HIV-Positive World.