Obama cares

“Throughout the history of humanity, the greatest ideas, innovations and inventions involved people thinking thoughts, dreaming dreams and creating creations that were, at one point, considered crazy, twisted, unbelievable, false, outta this world, impossible, incredible, sacrilege, beyond our wildest imagination, freaky, insane, worth burning to suppress, too revolutionary, scary, too much, the end of the world as we know it.”Walt Loves the Bearcat

Dear President Obama: You are one inspiring president right now, the way you’re fighting for healthcare reform.

Your opponents—you know, that group of people who oppose whatever you say and do—they’re throwing every trick in the political book at you. The howls of desperate men and women. Why do they not cry out with a plan of their own instead of filling the airwaves with rumors and lies?

0ee5c-obamaflagThey have no plan, except to disrupt your actions with circus tricks and media magic.

You can’t even drink a beer without criticism. And you want to change healtcare? lol

You remind me of me and a lifetime of being the first black this or the first black that. First black newspaper editor-in-chief. First black cheerleader. First black in the drama department. First black in the office. You say the sky is blue; your opponents scream blasphemy. They can’t decide what bothers them most, the idea you’re presenting or the idea that it’s you who’s presenting it. Double blasphemy!

“They’re willing to crush you, even if it means America is worse off.”
But you, Mr. President, keep on doing your job, a job never held by someone like you. They can’t imagine you coming in and being the president who rights the ship and sets a steady course for the foreseeable future. They can’t even imagine you as a good president. Fortunately, they don’t have to. You’re imagining it for them.

They’re willing to crush you, even if it means America is worse off. And yet you forge onward, undeterred and undaunted. You make your case and make it clearly. You remain you, a patient, rational man. You remain someone I aspire to be more like.

I can’t go back in time and be a more patient first black in all the ways I filled that role in the past. But I can learn from my president and the way he behaves as he fights for better health care for all Americans.

b1ce4-obamastandSpeaking of health care. I support you. All Americans deserve health care now. Why? Because universal health care is now a must, a hallmark even, of any modern day, advanced nation intent on being the leader in the world. For the love of a lower infant mortality rate, now is the time.

The big dreamers of the past faced the same kinds of hysterics from their opponents. I suppose it’s only natural. Fortunately, in you, I have a president who not only dreams big and thinks big, he does so with dignity and respect. That in and of itself, makes you a great man in my eyes.

Thank you, President Obama, for being good for my health!

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