What makes a man straight or gay?

The difference between a gay guy and a straight guy is simple: a gay guy is honest about fucking around with other men, a straight guy isn’t.

A gay guy admits to pursuing mostly men to get his nut; a straight guy admits to nothing, not even to himself.

Still, that doesn’t stop either man from having sex with other men–in his lifetime, every once in a while, when opportunity knocks, when drunk with a best buddy, when the wife’s outta town, when the alter ego takes over, and so on.

Someday, men will not have to define themselves by the gender of their sex partners. It’s happened before; it will happen again.

Just as male athletes made it acceptable for men to concern themselves with grooming products in the 1970s, so too will athletes someday make it acceptable for men to admit to fucking around with other men.

The admission will only make a man more of a man in society’s eyes, because only a real man will be man enough to admit to something so bold and honest.

Someday, male athletes will be bigger heroes for being completely honest about their sexual nature. I look forward to that day

Gays in sports