Best news on television

Enjoy hearing about your worst dreams come true? Like knowing who raped, robbed and cheated whom in your local area? Get a thrill out of the Crime Report? The Scandal Report? The Hollywood Report? The Court Report? The Accusation Report? The Gossip Report?

Need to know the latest, intimate details of a movie starlet’s breakdown? Dying to hear the feelings of the latest person voted off Dancing with the Stars?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, this message is not for you. However, for anyone interested in the real “news” of the day–the events outside your world that are important enough to warrant consideration and thought–there’s only one place to go: the PBS NewsHour, weeknights on PBS.

For one hour, a small cadre of old school, professional journalists break down but a few of the days’ truly relevant events. You won’t be bombarded with promotion of a product by a pusher who is constantly telling you: you need to know this or you may die, so tune in later at …

If something is so dire, why trust someone that promises to tell you later?

The NewsHour makes no promises, just observations about things that affect all Americans. You
get a brief summary of the day’s news, then a small handful of stories broken down into deeper exploration and explanation. Qualified journalists doing quality interviews, presenting two sides of anything worthy of an opinion. And no screaming pundits!

In this day and age of “modern, 24-hour journalism,” the PBS NewsHour is like pure, sweet poetry. A stimulus, not a distraction, for the mind. Try it. You just might find this one hour of news actually worthy of your brief time here on earth. Oh, and don’t worry. They also thought Michael Jackson’s death was news.