Best Halloween Trikke Ride ever!

Six months ago, I was a guy who bought a newfangled, three-wheeled bike he saw on an infomercial. I had neither seen nor heard of a Trikke, nor did I know of anyone else who had seen or heard of a Trikke. One look at one commercial and the kid in me said: I gotta have one!

Six months later, I now realize: I didn’t just buy a newfangled bike. I bought a whole new passion: And I’m not alone. The Trikke is the Joyride of the 21st Century and a treat that’s creating a whole new breed of people in the world: Trikkers.

Like surfers, trikkers come in all varieties but share one common goal: the feeling you get when you’re riding the wave. The rush of the wind going past you. The rush of you going past the wind. The oneness you feel between your body and the board, I mean, your Trikke. The feeling of flying, no wings necessary.

“I’m not alone in my childlike giddiness over this uniquely human powered vehicle.”

Unlike surfing, you catch a Trikke wave by riding solid ground, not raging waters. All the more convenient. You can “catch that wave” going to the grocery store or doing your errands. Or going for a quick ride slash workout after a stressful day. Or going for a long, wandering trek where the only destination is your imagination. The Trikke is like that. It becomes something you feel the need to incorporate into your everyday life. Why? Because it’s that much fun!

I’m not alone in my childlike giddiness over this uniquely human powered vehicle. The more you Trikke through life, the more you’re bound to stumble upon this small but growing community of ordinary folks who have discovered the joy of trikking.

I didn’t just buy a newfangled bike. I bought into a whole new community of avid trikkers.

Owning a Trikke is sort of like owning a bike back in the early 1800s, a few years after somebody dreamt up a bike. But thanks to the Internet, websites like are connecting trikkers, local dealerships are opening up, and Trikke rides are becoming the norm in many areas.

Such was the occasion for the first-ever, Trikke & Treat Halloween Fun Ride, sponsored by SouthBay Trikke of Torrance, CA. A prime example of a rising, local Trikke dealership, South Bay Trikke invited So. Cal trikkers to treat themselves to a 10-mile trek along the South Bay’s spanning beaches last Saturday, October 31st.

Halloween turned out to be one of those dreamy Southern California days that remind us why we live here. Can you say perfect beach day at the end of October? Volleyballers played in costume, bikers rode in costume, but there was no treat quite like the sight of nearly a dozen trikkers rockin’ and rollin’ up and down the bike path–or should we say, Trikke path?–many in costumes.

The most impressive costume, in my humble opinion, was the 75-year-old trikker who came as herself, a 75-year-old Trikker. Someday, I hope to don a similar get-up.

I didn’t just buy a newfangled bike. I bought a whole new lifestyle.

Getting together with other trikkers at events like the South Bay Trikke Halloween Ride only confirms my sanity. Yep, this thing called the Trikke is indeed, that kick ass. It’s a good feeling, realizing others feel the same way you do about a product you bought from an infomercial, that others understand the need for this speed, the craving for carving, the sheer kid-like joy of owning a Trikke.

I didn’t just buy a newfangled bike. I bought something that’s gonna change the world. It’s already changed mine.