Little boy, big sports dreams

“Here’s to the day when a kid can be honest with himself and the world from the moment he conceives of himself as a lover of men, and be afforded the exact same chance as every other kid to have a successful career in professional basketball, football or baseball, without one single atom wasted, harassing him for being who he is.” —from Walt Loves the Bearcat

Randy Boyd in little league
Randy Boyd, little leaguer

I was once a little boy with big sports dreams. Now I’m an author whose platform is “homosexuality in sports: evolving and dealing with it.”

I deal with it by asking the sports world: How Much Is Your Homophobia Worth?, by telling college football players to Lighten Up on Your Gay Teammates!, and by wondering aloud Homophobia in the NBA: Who’s To Blame?

I deal with it by pointing out an NFL Coach’s Homophobic Dreams, by writing epic sports novels, like, Walt Loves the Bearcat, and most of all, by dreaming of that future day when all boys, regardless of their sexual orientation, have an equal shot at big sports dreams.