So you think you can Trikke

Gear up for winter trikking; advice to wannabe trikkers; and Dealer or No Dealer? A frank look at Trikke’s new deal that some are calling a raw deal.

Winter Gear Up

How do you keep your passion for trikking alive in the winter without freezing your ass off? Cold gear, made by companies such as Under Armor, Nike, or my personal favorite, C9 by Champion (exclusively at Target). Whomever the maker, the formula is the same: light, comfortable fabric that keeps you warm via your body heat and dry via moisture-wicking technology.

These same companies, and others, have similar lines of year-round athletic wear for males and females, minus the cold gear but with the moisture-wicking technology, usually labeled as some literal or figurative mutation of DRY-MORE. Good stuff for the avid trikker in any season. A layer or two of these modern-day wonders and Trikke Randy is good to go.

For those brutal days when it’s practically freezing–whatever freezing means–try a cold gear, moisture-wicking hood for the noggin. When you return home, pull it off and see how wet the hood has become, while your head is relatively dry. This is the kind of stuff that keeps the Winter Cold Monster away. To save your digits, get your hands on some cold gear gloves.

Yes you can Trikke and survive this winter. And if it’s snowing outside, gear up and go Trikke Skkiing!

So You Think You Can Trikke

Trikkers see them all the time: curious people who are a little more than curious about this curious-looking scooter they’ve seen on TV. It looks like fun. How much are those? Is it easy to ride? A good workout? Questions. Questions. Questions.

The Trikke infomercials aren’t enough to fully educate the public. This is still like biking around the world a few years after someone invented the bike. The Trikke is something so new and unique, it’s best explained in person. But not while Trikke Randy is trikking! lol

If it looks to you like something that’s fun and you can see yourself doing, follow the light. How do you follow the light? That is the burning question both inside and outside Trikkeland. Do you make the leap over a toll-free phone number? Find a local dealer, if you’re even aware of their existence? Or do you buy a Trikke at a discount superstore?

The superstore option has some local Trikke dealers calling foul, claiming undercut pricing means a raw deal for local dealers. The Powers that Be of Trikkeland are reported to be working on a solution so “we can all get along,” but what’s a perspective buyer to do?


It’s time to play … DEALER or NO DEALER …

Less than one year ago, I bought my Trikke after seeing bits of one infomercial. It was love at first sight for the joyride of the 21st century. However, were it not for my local Trikke dealer, my love affair might be over already. South Bay Trikke has rescued me and my Trikke on more than one occasion.

In addition to some minor repairs, my beloved Trikke broke apart twice, rendering it unusable. Twice. I’m not one who can imagine, a) shipping such a bulky item anywhere for repair, or, b) trying to resolve a broken Trikke at a discount superstore. Twice. Having a local Trikke dealer–and a great one in South Bay Trikke–saved my Trikke, and thus, my passion for trikking. Twice.


Based on my experience, the best way to buy a Trikke is through a local dealer, if you’re fortunate enough to have one in your area. Why? A local dealer can better answer questions, such as, which one should I get? Is it sturdy enough for my size? What about repairs and maintenance?

Perhaps best of all, you can test-drive Trikkes and learn how to ride at a local dealer.

But wait …. there’s even more benefits!

Chances are, after you fall in love with your Trikke, you’re gonna wanna treat it like your car. You’ll want a good mechanic, the kind you get at a place that specializes in your dream machine.

You’ll want a place where people know your product inside and out, a place where people have assembled, ridden and repaired your product, a place where you’re always dealing with the same people, not a random stream of untrained employees, a place that loves your Trikke as much as you do and puts on fun events, like, the Best Halloween Trikke Ride Ever!

If you choose DEALER, you get all that.

The good news: even if you choose NO DEALER and buy a Trikke, you’ll probably want to take it to a local Trikke dealership for repairs and accessories. You’ll also probably refer your curious friends to said local dealer. Everybody wins!

Time for Trikke Randy to don his cold gear and go trikking. For further questions, deal with your local Trikke dealer! Deal?

Photos by Jeri Thompson