Becoming my own man

“In those first months after my night of enlightenment, I gave up smoking pot and started dieting and working out obsessively. I lost seventy pounds in four months. Losing so much so fast was dangerous to be sure, but with each passing day I only felt better, about my body, about my life.

I still had bouts with the fear of God, being gay, and getting tested, but in the heat of the battles within my mind, I’d affirm to myself the most important thing I was learning: no matter what I did, said, thought or felt, I was a good person.

And when I believed this, I was able to let go of the eternal inner debates and do things like come out to my friends and co-workers, go out to bars without feeling like a criminal, love and accept myself for everything I was.”

—from Bridge Across the Ocean
by Randy Boyd

A Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Best Small Press Title

“A great escape and very important work.” —XY Magazine