College basketball players: lighten up on your gay teammates!

Dear College Basketball Players: you’ve already lifted weights with a gay teammate. You’ve already done wind-sprints and lay-up drills together. You’ve already eaten together, showered together, traveled together, dreamed of a great season together.

Your dads’ generation couldn’t bear to think about the subject of gay guys, let alone talk about it. But that’s not you, young baller of the 21st century. You’ve grown up with gay characters on TV and porn on the Net.

The jig is up. No married couples in twin beds for you! You’ve seen it all. You know that any kind of man can be the kind of man that (fill in the sexual blank).

You’ve already survived practicing, studying, laughing, smiling, growing, indeed, living with and dreaming with men who think of themselves as gay, bi, homo, swingers, undecided, and so on.

“You are part of a new generation who views sex and sexuality in a whole new light.”

Fags, gays, bi’s, down low, drunk one night, broke one month, horny one minute, talked into it by your girlfriend, whatever.

None of the labels really matters. What matters is your teammates being able to focus on ball, their studies and life in general without feeling lost and alienated because of their sexual journey.

You know how fucked up your mojo gets when your girlfriend is trippin’ and the next thing you know, you’re in a crazy argument? You know the madness of a really bad breakup? Your gay teammate could be going through some of that same drama. Think it would help if he could acknowledge his life the same way you do when you’re bullshitting over beers?

Which is doing better by your teammate? Ignoring who he his? Refusing to accept who he is? Not permitting him to talk about who he is?

Or are you being a better teammate by acknowledging him for who he is? Accepting him for who he is? Allowing him to be who he is in the exact same ways that you allow your other teammates to be who they are?

How do you support your bros? Your dawgs? Your teammates?

You are part of a new generation who views sex and sexuality in a whole new light. So lighten up, dudes, about your teammates traveling their own unique path through the Sexual Universe.

I was once a young man gifted with a body built for athletics. Unfortunately, from the moment I identified myself as a lover of men, I thought my only choice was to quit playing sports.

To the young men now playing basketball: you have a choice. You can do better than your fathers and their fathers. As the world evolves, you can put your true and lasting stamp on sports history by being the first college basketball athletes to lighten up on your gay teammates.

The power to change the sports world is in your hands right now.