Crude realities

Dear Mr. President: out of (the deep) blue, comes this very oily mess caused by a rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana.

If it isn’t one Gulf, it’s another, eh, Mr, President, sir?

This is not your oil spill, no more than the Exxon Valdez is the spill of that president. The true frustration of the public comes from the fact that in real life, things don’t happen as fast as they do in the movies.

The public forgets: just because you can have a real time video chat with grandma in another state doesn’t mean huge corporations or government departments can solve huge problems in the time it takes for President Bruce Willis to put on a specially made, presidential diving suit, dive down himself and plug that hole!

And while BP may have culpability in the spill, does anyone honestly believe they’re not doing every single thing possible every minute of every hour to stop the madness? BP has the most to lose, oil, reputation.

They may also be running spin control. Who wouldn’t? The public fails to realize: they’re doing everything they can to plug the well.

Therefore, Mr. President, sir, I believe the solution is for you to put on a Bruce Willis mask, dive down there yourself and plug that hole!

Or keep doing you, and hang in there, Mr. President. This American is with you.