Best night, worst night

This time 25 years ago, I was a newly-minted college graduate and member of the UCLA Class of 1985. Carol Burnett was the guest speaker at our graduation and when the ceremony was over, my time in college was up.

Randy Boyd, UCLA grad

And what a time it was. Five years at two schools, two at USC, three at UCLA, four years of college cheerleading, a couple of years in a mostly white fraternity, a few all-nighters, a few drunken nights and a lot of memories.

Perhaps no memory is greater than one emotion-packed night that happened in February of ’85, senior year. It was a night that epitomized my college experience: great moments in the public spotlight, challenging moments in my private life.

The evening started with the Greatest USC-UCLA Basketball Game Ever, a four-overtime donnybrook. The Bruins lost, but that hurt far less than what came next: the Worst Night in a Black College Boy’s Life.

Twenty-five years later, the college boy is all grown up and I’m happy to announce: he’s a better man for having made it thought that night.