Dear MLB players: lighten up on your gay teammates

Dear Players of Major League Baseball:

You’ve already shared the locker room with men who have had sex with other men. This much is true.

Whether you know about it or not, whether they tell you about it or not, whether or not you accept it, whether or not it’s you personally, you have already stripped naked, stood naked, scratched naked and showered naked in front of men who have sex with men.

Unless one is completely delusional about the modern world in which we live, as evidenced by all that modern man has witnessed through the media’s eyes, every pro baseball player knows that any man on the street could be a man who has sex with men. That includes big leaguers.

“You’ve already survived being in the locker room with someone who has practiced homosexuality.”

Gay guys. Bi guys. Horny one-night guys. Doesn’t matter. You’ve already survived being in the locker room with someone who has practiced homosexuality. You’ve already gone through spring training with a man who’s in love with another man. You’ve already touched a man who thinks of himself as gay. You’ve played baseball your entire adult life with men who have sex with men.

The idea of not being able to acknowledge or talk about this truth is wrong, counterproductive and speaks of archaic times when gays hid in the shadows of life and didn’t dream of equality. Those days are long gone..

You’ve already survived being around gays and made it to the 21st century. But if you can’t lighten up and let homosexuals be themselves in pro sports, your offspring’s offspring will see you as some sort of dinosaur relic from a time gone by. You want your subsequent seedlings laughing at the odd beliefs you and your kind once held?

Let the men who have sex with men, for whatever reason, play baseball and be open about it. Isn’t it about time?

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