Why HIV-P.O.V.?

To younger Americans, AIDS is a whisper in the dark. For the most part, they don’t much about AIDS, nor are they informed about safer sex.

They simply know AIDS is a monster to avoid, and people who admit to being HIV-positive are the monster’s vessel.

When I was a teenager fucking around with older men because that was the only way my socially retarded, alienated, low self-esteemed self could get a nut, HIV/AIDS was not on people’s radar, but there were other sexually transmitted monsters lurking in the dark.

Did I heed those warnings? Did I do research to separate fact from fiction? Did I create a sexual game plan for my sexcapades? Did I talk to a doctor about my health concerns? Did I talk to anybody?

Does a young teenager who is dying to buy a motorcycle think he’s gonna spin outta control and lose his life?

Some would call it being young and stupid, but if young and stupid people didn’t take chances, we’d probably all still be cavemen who can’t make fire. Or ride a motorcycle. Or fly to the moon.

Still, it’s good to learn how to ride safely. It’s also good to learn from the experience of elders. Fortunately, some of them have spun outta control and lived to tell.

HIV-P.O.V., a blog column about my live with HIV/AIDS, now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.