Gone trikking

Trikke Stories

Remember those days as a kid when you were content to merely go outside and ride your bike, no destination, no agenda, no worries? The Trikke is a three-wheel carving vehicle that turns you into that kid again, no matter your age.

Best of all, when I ride my Trikke, I become a kid who doesn’t want to stop playing, er, exercising. An hour workout turns into: ah, just twenty more minutes, then I’ll go home and be a responsible adult again.

When’s the last time anything, let alone a bike, made you feel that young?

“Never have I felt more athletic, agile and passionate about exercising (just for fun).”

Loving my Trikke automatically makes me feel like a spokesman for the joyride of the 21st century. Riding my Trikke makes me feel like a spokesmodel. Hearing “wow” and “cool” a dozen times during a Trikke ride makes me feel like a superstar. Those are just some of the 10 things I learned while trikking.

Riding with a group of other Trikkers makes me feel like I’m part of a new breed of extreme sports athletes. Or a new kind of biker gang. lol. Such was the case at the Best Halloween Trikke Ride Ever or the upcoming Labor Day Trikke Ride of Long Beach.

The Trikke is a wonder drug. It’s helping to reduce my blood pressure, body fat and stress level, all while increasing my muscle tone, self esteem and zest for life. Never have I felt more athletic, agile and passionate about exercising (just for fun).

So You Think You Can Trikke? Sounds like a ton of fun? Raring to rock and roll? I say go for it. And if you’re a big and tall like me, go for the Trikke T-12, the bigger toy for bigger boys. I call it the Cadallic Escalade of Trikkes.

Invented in the mid 2000’s, the Trikke community is growing daily. Right now, it’s like owning a bike a few years after bikes were invented. Someday, the world will be full of more trikkers than bikers.