Fear of a Black president

Dear President Obama,

If you came out and said the sky is blue, certain citizens of our country (and certain members of a certain political party) would oppose your accusation that the sky is blue.

Furthermore, they would declare that you calling the sky blue is just one more way you plan to run America into the ground.

Kinda reminds me of adolescents who contradict and oppose everything said by their parents. Teenagers do it as a rite of passage, it seems.

Certain Americans (and members of a certain political party) seem to be doing it out of fear of a black president. What else could have them so spooked by and opposed to every single thing you do?

It’s as if certain people want to party like it’s 1947, when a black man wanted to play big league baseball.

Personally, I think you’re doing a remarkable job, especially in light of the America you inherited. This American approves of your presidency, not that any pollster has bothered to ask.

So hang in there, Mr. President. I have faith that you shall overcome certain Americans’ fear of a black president.

P.S. I won’t tell anyone, but I know the secret to Obama’s success!