Gay guys in the locker room?

Excerpt from “Walt Loves the Bearcat”

The locker room is an empty space. First it was just space in space. Then a planet stood in that space. Then people stood on that planet in that space. Then people dreamed of uses for that space.

Boom. Creation.

The locker room is born.

The locker room is still first and foremost an empty space.

Humanity brings everything else into that space, from the dreams to the wood to the showers to the plumbing to the slogans on the wall, to the love, hate, smiles, laughter, fear, understanding, misunderstanding, heart, mind, spirit … what’s inside your soul, at the core.

Remember your core? Feel your core?

Can anyone change your core?

Can you change anyone else’s core?

Can you change how you feel about anyone else’s core?

The locker room is just an empty space.

Your choice what you bring to that space.

As the quarterback and leader of this team, I, Walter Yeager, am bringing into the locker room a winning attitude, so I can get another ring, because when my career is over, people aren’t going to ask me about the locker room.

People are gonna wanna know about these! (flashes rings) … You can be a player who has some of these! (flashes rings) … Or … you can be a player who talks about how you didn’t want to be naked in a room of a hundred men, all because one of them chose to be honest about who he loves back at home.

Your choice, always and forever. This much is true.

—from Walt Loves the Bearcat