Best Blocks about surviving HIV/AIDS

And now, the nominees for Best of the Blocks 2010 in the category Best HIV-P.O.V. Block:

How To Survive Being HIV-Positive in an HIV-Negative World: Survival tools for poz people from a black man living with HIV for 25 years.

Dear Ryan White, Wish You Were Here: Letter to the teenager who was hated, then loved, then died in 1990 as the worldwide face of AIDS.

Where Were You on AIDS Night In America?: Nostalgic look at the day Rock Hudson’s AIDS announcement shocked the world, and how history is repeating itself 25 years later. How I Became HIV-Positive: Black college graduate learns he’s HIV-positive by looking at TV coverage of Rock Hudson’s AIDS announcement in 1985.

This Day in History: Boy Meets AIDS: Black author’s reflections of the turning point in America and his own life during the 1980s AIDS crisis.

23 Years Old and HIV-Positive in 2010: Poignant comparison between the HIV-positive young of today and yesteryear.

Three Core Beliefs for a Happy Life with HIV
: Poz vet reveals three beliefs that have aided him while surviving AIDS.

Proud of Being Alive: A better way of thinking about yourself if you happen to be living with HIV/AIDS.

A New Way of Looking at a-i-d-s
: Visual art that imagines ways to de-capitalize our collective fear of the AIDS virus.

Dear Magic Johnson, Thanks for Saving My Life
: Former college cheerleader expresses gratitude for the basketball legend’s contribution to the AIDS epidemic.

And the winner is … every block labeled HIV-P.O.V., now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks!