Best Blocks for the brain in 2010

And now, the nominees for Best of the Blocks 2010 in the category Best Sapien Homo Block:

We Interrupt this Interruption!: Theory that posits cell phones and voice mails are interrupting our enjoyment of life.

We Are the Kennedy Babies: Ode to the littlest of Americans too young to remember Camelot but affected by it just the same.

The Sins of Big Government: Reminder about what you get for all those tax dollars you pay to live in a civilized society.

New American Dictionary for Angry White People: What Republicans and Tea Partiers really mean when they evoke the red, white and blue.

Un-American Acts in America: A Brief History: Reflections on what makes America so un-American, in some people’s eyes.

Cigarettes: the Real Gateway Drug: Ever notice how most of the criminals on Cops smoke?

What Makes Being a Fag Worthwhile: The truth about why life gets better after the young and the faggy grow up to be adult homosexuals.

I Love the O-Os!: A fond look back at the decade that gave us camera phones, myspace, youtube and the iPod.

Two Best Books on Religion: In praise of two controversial works that claim the gods are wearing no clothes.

AIDS and Common Sense: A smart person’s guide to thinking about HIV/AIDS.

And the winner is … every block labeled Sapien Homo, now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks!