Best Obama Blocks of 2010

And now, the nominees for Best of the Blocks 2010 in the category Best Obama Files Block:

Party Like It’s 1947: Just when you thought it was safe to walk into a integrated restaurant, racism rears its ugly, ignorant head again.

Black People: Your President Needs You!: Reminder to the black folk of America: you would not be better off with a white president of either party.

The Secret to Obama’s Success
: How does this man keep defying odds and getting things done? Obama’s got a secret.

We Are the Kennedy Babies: Ode to the newborn babies born during the 1,000 days of the Kennedy Administration.

President Obama’s Faults: Compliation of all for which the first black president is to blame. And then some.

And the winner is … every block labeled the Obama Files, now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.