Best doggone Blocks of 2010

And now, the nominees for Best of the Blocks 2010 in the category “Best Block from When In Doubt, Pet the Dog,” a periodic memoir or journal, or blog thingy:

Grumpy Old Dogs: Story of two old dogs who’ve been wrestling buds since puppyhood.

A Whole Lotta Pettin’ Going On: Do you believe in talking dogs whose words can be translated onto an internet blog for Pet the Dog Week at Randy Boyd’s Blocks?

Hip Loves Walt Loves the Bearcat: Canine host of Pet the Dog Week barks about his literary debut in author’s fourth novel.

The Bitch with Cancer in Her Throat: Heart-wrenching tale of the courageous dog who almost won the starring role in When In Doubt, Pet the Dog.

Dog Over Troubled Waters: Lighthearted story of a new dog owner’s misguided attempts to introduced his new puppy to water.

Dog Years: Author copes with his dog’s aging by discrediting humans’ miscalculation of a dog’s age.

And the winner is … every block labeled When In Doubt, Pet the Dog, now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks!