What would James Bond do?

He did it! What no other black man before him had accomplished. He achieved the unthinkable. He became president of the United States of America.

He did it again! What no other president before him had accomplished. He achieved the unthinkable. He made universal healthcare the law of the land of the free.

He was brave enough to stick with his convictions and face his oppressors. It’s done. They’ll try to undo it, but it’s done. It’s done.

In less than two years, Barack Obama has achieved the impossible twice. One can just imagine (or see on television) the spinning heads of the scared white racists, er, rebels, er, republicans, decrying: where has our ‘whites only’ America gone?

When the white man mandated auto insurance, home owner’s insurance, driver’s licenses, social security, Medicare, some protested, but they got over it. That’s because it wasn’t personal.

When a black man mandates anything, it’s personal. It’s personal. It’s personal.

So how does this black man, whose middle name is Hussein, keep defying the odds and doing crazy things like winning the presidency and achieving healthcare reform in the blink of an historic eye?

The president’s secret weapon is so innate, it’s invisible.

Barack Hussein Obama has a secret that’s more like a secret weapon. He has something few men possess, a trait that allows him to outlast the blowhards and remain calm amidst the yelling, screaming and temper tantrums.

The Obama Files

It’s not his brain, albeit he’s one smart man. It’s not his charm, although he’s quite charming. The president’s secret weapon is so innate, it’s invisible, so ingrained, it’s in his nature, so elusive, it would take Jedi-like training from an early age for an ordinary man to grasp and master.

Barack Obama’s secret weapon is patience. He has the patience to pause before reacting, the patience to listen before speaking, the patience to give his brain some perspective. Got an insult? A lie? A spin? An epithet? An accusation? Give it your best shot.

President Obama has the patience to let other reveal themselves for who they are, then reply with a well-thought-out response. By not letting his testosterone run the show, his highly talented brain is better prepared to spring into action. You might say, our president is a James Bond of the mind.

In this day and age, Obama’s patience is not only a virtue, it’s a must for the survival of America and the world.