Debbie done good

Debbie and me.

One of the neatest things about being a trikker is connecting with other trikkers at group rides and local events here in Southern California.

After all, the three-wheel “bike” known as the Trikke is still a newfangled invention in the world, sort of like the bicycle ten years after it first surfaced on the planet.

Ergo, we trikkers are a passionate breed, but we’re a breed with a relatively small population. That’s changing, though, thanks to the Internet and a growing global community of trikkers and Trikke skkiers.

In California, newbies are continually finding out about and joining what I like to call the So Cal Trikke Circuit. In January, 2011, Debbie Bumgardner was such a newbie.

A trikker from the San Fernando Valley, Debbie heard about the fledgling circuit on the net and joined us for the MLK Trikke Ride in Long Beach, CA.

She’s been a regular at group rides ever since, and now her “weight loss by trikking” story is the subject of a very cool LA Times article by fitness columnist Roy M. Wallack.

One of the things not revealed in the article: Debbie kicks ass on the Trikke path. We’re talking head of the pack! Bumgardner’s got skills!

Congrats on the Times story, Debbie. So glad to have you in our Trikke world.