America’s next top transgender role model

Bruce Jenner. For decades his name has been associated with athletic greatness, Olympic greatness, American greatness. The bicentennial American hero of the 1976 Montreal Olympic games. The Wheaties box champion. The great white hope for the next 200 years of great white America.

Let freedom reign forever for great white America!

But a funny thing happened on the way to the 21st-century in great white America.

In 2015, America is not so great, not so white and heroes come in all kinds of flavors and varieties. And gender orientations, too, upon further reveal!

Tonight, on ABC’s 20/20, Bruce Jenner is set to confirm the most widely-believed inside scoop about a famous athlete’s truth since OJ and his double murder spree.

However, the only person Bruce Jenner is offing is the decathlete stud/Kardashian reality show character everyone assumed they knew.

He’s a girl! He’s a girl inside!

Apparently, and soon, he’s going to be a girl on the outside, as well.

Another great day for diversity in America. Meet Caitlyn Jenner.