Obama’s catch phrase [video]

On a clear day, during the Obama years in the White House, rise and look around you … and see people using some paraphrase of the phrase, “let me be clear.”

Clearly, Obama nutted it. Even the media has noticed.

To be clear, such phrasing was uncommon before the ascendancy of one Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan-born, Muslim-American president (say those who can’t see clearly).

Nowadays, “let me be clear” is ubiquitous. And much better then grandpa Reagan’s favorite pick-me-upper … “well.”

Judge for yourself.


“Well … let me pause to see how I, the actor, will play this impromptu presidential scene.”

Well … if I could remember who I am I might answer your question, Senator.”


“Let me be clear: you honkies ain’t gonna break down President Jackie Robinson!”

“Let me be clear: I won … twice.”

“Let me be clear. wording was born by Barry.”

We clear now?