Election 2016: this time it’s personal and sentimental

In the 2016 election, one thing is clear: the two-party system in America is crumbling as fast as the great white empire. In fact, no slice of the American pie is immune from the second American Revolution. Or should we call it, la revolution!

This week’s Iowa caucus — round one of 53 — was living proof that both the Republican and Democratic blocks are breaking apart, fracturing on their way to becoming relics, perhaps to be replaced by a system resembling the parliamentary institutions of Europe. 

We’re a younger continent. We’re still catching up when it comes to not fighting our way out of conflict, clinging to the gods of our ancestors, and understanding the need to socializing some institutions so we can avoid yet another ugly revolt and/or beheading of the rich.

The Republican coalition is breaking up into smaller factions: the Jesus freaks, the liberty freaks, the fiscal freaks, the uneducated still susceptible to mind control.

Meanwhile, the Democratic coalition is breaking up into its own smaller groups: the young and future socialists, blacks, Latinos, Asians, all ethnic and religious minorities, in fact, plus the educated and enlightened descendants of Europeans.

Guess who’s going to win out in the end? USA! USA! USA!

The melting pot will still be an inspiration for the world, the world leader in “can’t we all just get along?”

America, the greatest human experiment continues, whether you like it or not, whether you supported or not, whether you stick around for it or not. And more and more voices will be heard, voices so diverse the world will no longer be seen in black and white, Republican or Democrat, or ones and zeros.

(We all agree that we don’t want the world to become all about ones and zeros, right every single descendant of the great ape? Share this, if you agree! lol)

Growing pains

All these cultural shifts of the last 20 years, no wonder people’s heads are spinning. No wonder the people who (in their minds) had it all during the prior 50 years or so are the ones the most hell bent out of shape, angry and desperate and grabbing at straws.

But take heart, crazy conservative crusaders, it’s not all smooth sailing here on the right side of history either. lol

We got growing pains of our own. I’ve got growing pains of my own!

A sentimental journey

Instead of a clown car, Democrats have a tilt shift to deal with and the view up close is very hazy for some very real and emotional reasons.

Of course, the only blockbuster movie sequel to the blockbuster movie that was the first black president should be the first female president, and why not America’s first female mover-and-shaker wife and symbol of a woman’s suffering, I mean, suffrage. lol

If Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States of America, I’ll have tears in my eyes, in November, when she’s declared the victor, and again in January, when she sworn in, with her husband, President Bill Clinton, and President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, and Joe and Jill Biden all bearing witness.

And if vice President Martin O’Malley has his shirt off, I’ll be crying and cuming. lol

Hillary is the hands-on sentimental favorite for progressive people in America. But can she survive the rigorous trail of treachery ahead of her?

The emails. Benghazi. Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton. The scandals we’ve yet to hear about. Bernie Sanders.

If Hillary Clinton can win this game of presidential survivor over the next 10 months, she will have proven that she is ready to be president of the United States of America.

If she falls apart or stumbles in anyway that’s harmful — if there’s a last straw, if she hits the vaginal ceiling — the young and future socialists are primed and ready — and excited — to take over the party and push the fast-forward button to a European-style State of the Union. Cue Bernie.

But just like the Republicans, the Democratic establishment is not about to give up power without a power surge.

According to an article in the USA Today, the Democrat’s Hail Mary candidate would be someone like Joe Biden, Al Gore, or Mayor Bloomberg.

Again with the sentimental favorites.

If Joe Biden or Al Gore are elected president, I’ll be jumping for joy, and probably crying with joy. Especially if Al Gore won and Joe Biden did not lose, a.k.a., did not run.

Al Gore’s experience and expertise on climate science would make him a very good leader going forward in America. I would love to see what he could do with the oval office, if given a chance to be president 16 years after winning the presidency but being denied the office.

And then there’s Bernie. Whom I love. Whom I agree with wholeheartedly. Socialism all the way. Call me a democratic socialist and an atheist. Yes I am and yes we can, too, bitches. lol

A black lesbian president?

That reminds me of that question my professor asked in my cultural anthropology class (freshman year, USC in 1980) as part of his way of explaining what cultural anthropology was all about.

Could a gay person be president? Could a woman? Could a black person? Could a black lesbian?

Cut to me laughing at the absurdity and extremity of his last example. Well played, Professor. ?

He could’ve added black lesbian socialist and I would’ve done a spit take, and that was without a drink. Or he could’ve just said socialist and that would’ve seemed like a pipe dream. Just like the idea of a black president 35 years ago…

True, a generation — or two — flipped the script on the gays, but these young kids going crazy for Bernie the way their older siblings went crazy for candidate Barack Obama, these youngest of the young millennials are pretty much the first wave of “out and proud socialists” this country has ever seen.

Point: I feel pretty nervous about the prospect of sending Bernie Sanders up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning against the 2016 American electorate.

I mean, America is more likely to elect another black president before they elect a socialist. Case in point: Ben Carson.

And I’m pretty sure America is more likely to elect a Latino before a socialist. Case in point: Marco Rubio.

Which brings us to the other side and the clown car, and their chaos:

Donald Trump was dumped by Iowans in favor of Jesus freak Ted Cruz, probably not too surprising since the state is 90% white and 60% evangelical.

Still, Rubio’s third-place finish means the little off-white brown boy is the great white Republican establishment hope, for now anyway.

I’m starting to think Rubio might be one of those better worst-case scenarios where a Republican wins the election and it becomes a matter of, could’ve been worse.

However for now I’m going to focus on the better dream, the dream were a Democrat wins the election come November. But which one? Perhaps this quote (which has been attributed to economist Robert Reich) sums it up best:

“In my view, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have. But Bernie Sanders is the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have. Because he’s leading a political movement for change.”