Obama’s Hall of Fame presidency

“Despite bitter opposition, despite having come close to self inflicted disaster, Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history.”

So says Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman in a 2014 Rolling Stone article.

Obama’s biggest accomplishments

Once one of the president’s most notable critics, here’s the nutshell of Krugman’s case:

  • Obama’s health reform isn’t perfect but it’s a huge step forward and working better than anyone expected.
  • His financial reform fell short of what should’ve happened, but it’s much more effective than you think.
  • His environmental policy is starting to look like it could be a major legacy.

Krugman goes on to say that in each instance, “Obama delivered less than his supporters wanted, but more than his current detractors acknowledge.”

So basically the article confirms what many of the president’s supporters understand to be true: he’s run up the numbers.

If Obama were a sports figure, you could say he’s racked up eight years of hall-of-fame and record-breaking statistics in nearly every category of the game.

He’s also won about five or six, maybe seven(!) world championships in that time, plus he’s been voted MVP of the league eight straight years.

His “killing Bin Laden” was Derek Jeter’s famous jump-throw to home plate in the 2001 MLB playoffs.

His passing Obamacare was Serena William’s sequential grand slam.

President Obama has been a great president. He’s done so much to make people’s lives better in this country, and he’s been way better than any alternative presented to us, namely John McCain or Mitt Romney.

Need more evidence? Check out these 350 accomplishments with citations.

For the most part, if people can’t see the good Obama has done and the game he’s got, it’s probably because they’re on the opposing side.

And your opponents never want to see you win a blessed thing.