When niggers use the N-word

Larry Wilmore, cracking jokes in the nation’s Capitol.

Barry killed it at his last White House Correspondents Dinner this past weekend. So, too, did Larry. As in Wilmore, the The Nightly Show comedian who provided professional comedic relief for the annual Washington D.C. affair.

This was the last WHCD presided over by President Barack (Barry) Obama, and judging by people’s reactions, it will probably also be the last one to feature Larry Wilmore!

But not if it were up to me. 

I agree with Salon’s Ben Norton, who insists Wilmore’s Washington performance was precisely what comedy should be — cutting elites down to size.

As for Wilmore signing out by saying to the POTUS: you did it, my nigga … Good on him for keeping it a 100.

Apparently, the Internet has been all a-Twitter about the black comedian using the N-word in front of the black president. Of course, the Internet would react this way. That’s the function of the Internet. Well, that and porn.

For me, it was good to see one successful black man relating to another successful black man in the most authentic way possible in 2016. It was a full circle statement, a symbolic analogy of how America has gone from legislating niggers as 3/5th’s of a human being in the constitution, to a black comedian telling the first black president what a great job he’s done, nigga.

Both the comedian and the president were coming from positions of power, communicating with a word that was once symbolic of the powerlessness of an entire race in this country.

How fucking great is that, niggers?

Had this little nigger been exposed to that kind of black empowerment via the word nigger back in the day, I might not have been so devastated the week before school, freshman year of college, when the USC Sigma Chi’s called me nigger.

Now nobody can used epithets to crush this nigger who happens to be a faggot. lol

People trying to bury the N-word are as illogical as the people who try to make English mandatory in this country. Free-speech, but don’t say these words, and whatever you say, say it in English!

Tough job, you were obviously nervous, but you stood up, did what you had to do, and you represented well. You did good, my niggers, both Barry and Larry.

Note: this wordsmith makes no linguistic distinction between “nigger” and “nigga.” That’s like splitting hairs between Happy Birthday vs. Happy B-day.